Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekend In Utah

We flew up to Utah last weekend for Steve and Kalina's wedd'n. It was beautiful and they looked so incredibly happy.
We are very excited for them and excited to have Kalina in the family.
We also enjoyed spending time with the family and seeing our nieces and nephews.
I was especially exciting to meet our newest niece, Alex. As with most little kids, she loved Mark.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last night, Mark and I went to a Luau put on by our ward. It was very impressive. One might think that being a ward activity, the Luau part would be weak...but no, we had some native islanders who put on a great show. It seems there are quite a few islanders in Baytown, pretty much it seems there is only one family- one extended family. They dug pits in the church lot to smoke pigs and had a pig on a spit as well. The cultural hall was about as cultural as I've ever seen one. It was beautifully and extensively decorated, the stage especially. There was a church tour before we got there so I can't fully report on that. Island music was performed before and during dinner (or you could go watch the pig being dug up and prepared for dinner). I thought the pig was dry and bland but it seems that most others enjoyed it. After the dinner, the show began. I love island dances- especially the warrior dances. I think they are so cool and fun to watch. All the young men and missionaries then performed the Haka dance-they were way better than the BYU football team- we were very impressed. The graceful dances by the women and girls are impressive to but I'm a bigger fan of the warrior dances. :) Then for the finale, we adjourned outside for Fiti's fire dance!
It was a great Luau. There we are a lot of people there and it seemed like quite a few non-members. I'm glad we were able to go and participate- and have such cool people in our ward who are willing to share their talents and cultures with us.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beesley Visit

It was so fun to have my family visit on their way to Costa Rica! As soon as Sarah sends me pictures I'll have more. But we had a nice and cold walking tour of downtown Saturday night and a great time hanging out at our apartment Sunday. Thanks for coming.