Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Water Bugs

Alyssa and Abby enjoyed cooling off Saturday. They are still working on their splashing techniques but nonetheless had a good time.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Parents live here too

I've been very heavy on baby posts. Here is a glimpse of what Mark and I have been doing (besides feeding and playing with our babies). Naturally, there aren't a lot of pictures to go along.

Mark finished the attics. All the ducts work and are relatively leak-free. There is new insulation and platforms to move around on and store stuff. The new lights make a huge different, too. Thanks to Stuart and Charlie for their help!

We took apart, fixed and put back together the robotic vacuum. One of the IR sensors had a bulb that burned out so it kept thinking it was falling down the stairs. All better!

Our garden is doing really well - minus the caterpillars. We've already enjoyed some cucumbers and hope to enjoy our tomatoes and beets soon.

I've been cooking more often, trying to make new meals. My favorite is my new pesto.

I have been walking in the mornings with some friends here. This morning we past a neighbor cooking on his driveway and he gave us the best shrimp ever!

We had a fun afternoon at the Bunderson's with the McAllisters. As much fun as the girls had with Nathan and Brielle, I think we had more fun with their parents.

We've make it to all 3 hours of church now. Although sometimes in the foyer... Thanks to all the helpers! They keep us busy during church. The young men keep Mark busy, too.

and like I said, there is lots of feeding and playing, too.

Motherly Musings: Alyssa

Alyssa is wonderful. She is very expressive and talkative. She very loudly discusses her mood with you. Smiles and laughs and coos or grunts and baby sirens or angry grrs. She loves her Mom and makes me so happy. She reaches for me and gives me big hugs. I love it when she nuzzles her head into me or rests her cheek on mine. She has hardly any patience when she is hungry or wanting to get out of the crib. She often just wants me to hold her for a minute before going back to playing. She loves her daddy, too, unless she is hungry. She says, "dada" but hasn't connected the sound to the person yet.

Alyssa drinks sometimes from her sippy cup. It is hit or miss with the eating though. She sometimes isn't interested much, other times she'll just keep going. Like Abby, she loves peaches, as well as apples. She doesn't like getting her face cleaned off after each meal. Alyssa doesn't like holding food, either. She would suck and bite (with her 2 teeth) on the cucumbers as long as I was holding it. (she held it once, just long enough for the picture) Her hands were usually held as far away as possible - but that is their favorite place so I don't know how much to read into that. She did hold the peach... Alyssa loves tasting my food and drinking from cups. I'm still nursing her. After a brief spell in which she refused to use the nursing cover, we are back to easy feedings away from home, too. Alyssa is 12 3/4 lbs.

Alyssa sits like a champ and loves it. She plays, leans over to pick up toys, twists around to make sure I'm still around, and dances, too. She sits with confidence. She really hates it when she falls over though. She gets really mad when she falls from sitting, or even rolls over to fast. I think that is why she doesn't roll very much. Sometimes she leans over like she is thinking about it but then goes back up. We are working on her crawling. She pivots around on her belly and can move backwards. When she tries to go forward she reaches and kicks her legs, but they are up in the air. Probably won't be too long though.

Alyssa really likes the jumper seat. She stands in there and jumps up and down. Any toys on the tray are quickly returned to the floor. It is so adorable when she peers over the edge to look for them. But toys are not as fun as whacking the tray apparently.  She also loves playing the piano.

She waves. It is pretty cute.

Alyssa is ticklish. I love tickling her feet, stomach and neck. My favorite is when you tickle her stomach and neck - she tries not to laugh but then gives in and cracks up.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Motherly Musings: Abigail

Abigail is such a joy to be around. She has a happy, giggly personality. She smiles and laughs a lot. Crying is reserved for rolling off the rug onto the tile floor, hunger, sleepiness, and teething (she has 1 tooth now and one almost out). I am so grateful she is patient when I'm feeding Alyssa. It is really sweet when Daddy taps her chest and she starts laughing.

Abby always wants to have something in her mouth. This can be anything she can bring to her mouth or bring her mouth to. Favorites include her fingers, any baby toy, Mom's cheek, books, and Dad's badge. She holds onto her bottle and when not too heavy can hold it by herself. She likes to hold the spoon when she is eating, too. She likes sucking on the cucumbers from our garden. Abby eats solids really well now. It was like there was a switch she decided to turn on and like eating. She will eat almost anything but her favorite is peaches. We've found a few things that give her a rash: bananas (like her great-grandma Matheson) and blueberries. She likes to try Daddy's food and water. Unlike Alyssa, Abby loves it when I wipe her face off afterwards - all smiles. She is now 12 1/4 lbs.

Abby has become quite mobile. My Roly-Poly Bug is rarely where I leave her. She rolls back and forth until she hits a wall (or furniture), goes under the couch, or rolls off the rug. She loves finding new toys laying around the room. I have to be careful what I leave out on or near the rug now.  On a similar note, I finally had to put the bumper up on her crib since she would roll and kick until an arm or a leg would get stuck between the slats. Even with the bumper she manages to poke out!

Abby is learning to sit up. She can balance, correct herself (over-correct usually), and tries to catch herself. The physical therapist was very impressed. She is doing extremely well.

Abby likes to grab things. Sometimes that thing is the toy Alyssa is playing with. They play tug-a-war with the toy until one lets go. Rarely they both just play with the toy. They don't seem to mind having the toy stolen; I'm sure that will change... Sometimes the thing Abby grabs is her diaper while I'm changing it. Fortunately, I've always reacted quick enough to prevent a mess. Sometimes the things are attached to my face, or Mark's, or Alyssa's. Alyssa doesn't like this much so she does it back.

Abigail gives the most precious (and wet) kisses. Sometimes she gives hugs but usually her hands are more interested in your ears or hair.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My New Pets

The internet is a wonderful thing. It look less than 5 minutes to identify this monster caterpillar I found hanging on my tomatoes. It is a Tomato Horntail and it has been eating the leaves off one of my plants! 

Upon further examination I found he was not alone. So now I have two new little pests pets. 

Mother's Day!

I hope all the mothers had a great Mother's Day. I am grateful for my amazing mom! 
Nana and Alyssa
and a great mother-in-law!

Ann and Abby
I used to dread this holiday, but this year it was a very happy day. 

Alyssa is on the left of each row, Abby is on the right.
Abby, Mark, Amy, Alyssa
 I am so grateful for my beautiful family. Being Alyssa and Abigail's mom brings me so much joy. I love them so so much.