Monday, February 13, 2012

4 months

Alyssa and Abigail turned 4 months old on Friday. Time is passing so fast! They had their 4 month Dr. visit today and got all checked out. Both girls are healthy and happy. 

Alyssa Michelle
9 lbs 14 oz
23 1/4 in
39 1/4 cm Head Circumference

Alyssa has grown into the 10-25th percentile range on height, and below the 5th percentile for weight. Her head is about the 10th percentile range.

Abigail Jessica
9 lbs 13 oz
22 3/4 in
39 3/4 cm Head Circumference 

Abigail has reached about the 10th percentile for height, between the 10th and 25th percentiles for head size, and is still below the 5th percentile for weight. 

They both got three shots in their legs. They voiced their disagreement quite loudly but calmed down and went to sleep pretty quickly afterwards. They were great little patients. 

Coos with Friends

We loved seeing Nathan, Tricia, Rachael, and Brielle last week!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doing What We Do Best

...which is being super cute! 

They are such happy girls. We love playing with them. 

Alyssa has had a rough couple of days while her tooth came in, but it is officially poking through the gums now and she is much long as there is no tape being pulled. Vacuum, fine. Blender, fine. Unwrap packing tape...instant shrieking, even from the other room. She does not like the sound of packing tape. 


Alyssa and Abigail officially have their own room now. Alyssa has been
sleeping through the night for about a week now (11-7:30) and Abby has
been SO close (11:30-5:45; 6-8). So we decided it was time to move
them upstairs into their crib. They didn't have any problem switching
to the crib and love all the new things to look at. It was hardest on
me I think. I woke up to every static from the monitor I think (we are
getting one with less static and a stronger signal - hopefully).
Hopefully as I get used to listening through the monitor I won't be
such a light sleeper...