Wednesday, April 25, 2012


After our trip to Davis, we spent a week in Salt Lake visiting. We had a great time and were generally too busy to take pictures. 
We had a fun birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with Phil, Jen, Wade, Sam, Rick and Karen. City Creek Mall was pretty neat, too. 
We surprised my sisters on Sunday (instead of coming into town Thursday). We had all 10 Beesley grandkids together!

All my college roommates were able to get together, too - for dinner and baby time. *Erika had to leave before the camera came out...she really was there. 

We got to celebrate Elizabeth's wedding while we were there. We learned Scottish dancing and I was so glad I wore flats! We are so happy for you Elizabeth and Matthew! 

It was such a fun and relaxing trip! I can't wait to go back up in a couple months!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Trip to Davis

We traveled to Davis California at the end of March for Grandma Pauline's funeral.  She was 92 and left over 110 great grandchildren.  The funeral was really moving and helped us all remember what a great person she was and the legacy of family and food that she left.  It was great to see everybody and spend another couple days at 821 A in Davis.  We'll always remember Grandma Pauline Broadbent.

Thanks to Amy for putting the collage together.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Up Up and Away

The girls went on their first flights a couple weeks ago. We first flew out to Davis, CA for Grandma Pauline's funeral and then to Utah (pictures to come...). I think the key to flying with the twins is to get really nice gate agents and a little luck so that you can get an empty seat next to you. The girls were much better when they got to sleep in their car seats for the flights. 

Rockets vs Kings

We had a great time at the Rockets vs Kings game last month. The last time we went to a Rockets game we were literally on the last rows. It was much better being about 13 rows from the court. Plus, I love that the Toyota Center has padded seats.