Sunday, January 27, 2013

Discovery Bottles

Mark happened to bring home a bunch of small drink bottles right after I had talked with one of Abby's therapists about sensory toys and specifically heavy toys (and the ensuing pinterest browsing...) So I had some drinks and made the girls some toys. They loved them. We put the other toys away and played with them for an hour! 
Alyssa loved the blue one (with sea shells) and would flip it over and back forever. Alyssa liked the blue and red glittery one, but most of all she loved the wicker basket on her head. 

Not the most exciting of videos, but a sampling - they always know when I get out the camera. grr...

We have a few more drinks to finish off and then I'll finish my set...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Words

The girls are beginning to communicate and it is wonderful. I have been signing with them and this week Abby started signing back! She can say "eat"!
I need to learn some new signs to teach Alyssa. She has mastered and used "eat", "drink", "sleep", "book" and is okay with "more". Any ideas on what signs to teach her next?

Alyssa has started talking! I am bias, but it is completely adorable when she speaks. She says "uh oh" (her favorite), "Da-da", "hi" (when I go get her out of bed), "woof", "baby" (for the dolls they got for Christmas), "choo-choo" and her universal "ga-GA-GAA" which when said most loudly and excitedly means there is a cat or bird outside the window.

Sorry about all the videos all at once. 

Car Rides

The girls love riding on and especially pushing the little car!