Thursday, December 17, 2009


We went to our Baytown ward for the last time today. (We will be in Spring with Mark's family next week). We enjoyed being the Nursery leaders and will miss the kids. They were really good kids. Today we had our 4 regulars: Matthew, Sammy, Deigo and Nathalie. I don't know how kosher it is, but we took some pictures today.Sammy is the most affectionate kid in nursery. She loves to give hugs and prefers laps to chairs or the floor. Sammy is moving to Germany tomorrow. Matthew is the most well-behaved kid. He is so quiet and calm. He loves building block towers.Diego loves nursery. He never cries and is always energetic. He talks a lot and it is a fun challenge to understand baby Spanish. Nati is always unsure about nursery. She cries everytime she comes, or if the door opens, until you say, "Papi" or "Mami". She was really smiley today, which was a first. Today the kids were so good and self-entertained, Mark had to keep himself entertained.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Around Town

As mentioned earlier, Exxon had postponed it's Christmas party until last Wednesday night due to the snow. This wasn't ideal for us because Exxon was also sending all the co-ops to the Rockets vs. Cavs basketball game (which because so many people canceled they gave Mark a ticket for me)....So we went to both. We met up downtown (where Mark was out for an Exxon lunch), walked around the Galleria, got all dressed up, and went to the Christmas party. However, we didn't know anyone (Mark's team didn't go), and "semi-formal" actually means "very-formal"... so we did not enjoy the Christmas party very much. So we left, drove across town, got back dressed down, and ran through the cold to enjoy the basketball game from the last row (literally). The game wasn't really very exciting. The Rockets had about a 10 point lead when we got there and kept it the rest of the game, but it was still fun and I enjoyed meeting some of the people I hear about.
Saturday, we headed back downtown to attend the Houston Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker with Steve and Kalina. I have been looking forward to this for a while, now. I love going to the Nutcracker. Mark wasn't too keen on going to the ballet but thought he'd try it out.
As expected, I enjoyed it much more than Mark, though I must say I like Salt Lake's much better. Thanks Mark for taking me.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Cordell and Heather came over for dinner on Sunday. We had a very enjoyable evening. Thanks for making the drive down.

Friday, December 4, 2009

White December

I remember Doug once telling us how in St. George he got a snow day at school for 4 inches of snow, and being from Salt Lake, where we went to school in blizzards, I thought that was a bit dramatic. Well here in Baytown, we have an inch or two of snow and the city is out of commission. Mark got to come home early from work (they let people leave at 9), kids got out of school, even the bank was talking about closing(??) and Exxon canceled their Christmas party tonight.So then I had the bright idea that since it was snowing, and I like snow, and there is this nature center nearby that is really pretty, we should go enjoy the snow there...but there was no snow, and it was cold, and dreary.(And I must add that Utah has much better snow than Baytown. It's too wet here.)