Monday, March 28, 2011

Running Man

I am very proud of Mark. This weekend he ran and finished the National Marathon in Washington, D.C with all his brothers. This was his first (and by all accounts, his last) marathon. He did really well. He came in after 4 hours and 27 minutes of running.The Broadbent Fan Club (Charlie, Ann, Kalina, Clark, Jen, Sam, and I - plus Sheralie and kids at the finish) were able to see the boys at 12 miles, 15 miles and the finish line. They all looked great at the earlier locations and were all smiles. They looked more run down at the end (note Mark's body language in the bottom middle picture). But they all finished and I think did very well.
-Oh and yes, Mark did run the whole thing in his FiveFinger shoes. They were not a problem. He likes running in them. His feet were sore and tender after the race since he had never previously run 26+ miles, but he didn't have any knee problems! I should have brought some different post-race shoes though since he doesn't like walking in them and his feet hurt.
After the race Mark got super chilled (it was about 40F with a slight breeze) and had a very hard time getting warm - despite his Dad's coat and my hat and gloves.
Mark is still sore and stiff but I think is glad that he ran. He even said looking back, "it was fun." Still I don't think there will be another one in the future.
Good Job, Mark!

*Thanks to Kalina and Jen for taking pictures...I forgot to charge my camera