Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Colorado Escape

We had a great time getting a few days away and enjoying the beautiful weather and landscapes of Colorado.

We spent the first night in Denver enjoying the company of the Rotheys. It was great to see them and play with their kids.

On the way out of Denver, we enjoyed the sunshine and walked around the Denver Temple.

The drive was beautiful. Icy rivers, frozen waterfalls, rocky cliffs, snow flurries. We loved it.

There was a storm the night before so there was fresh snow at the house when we got there. We got to play in the snow but have beautiful 50 degree sunny weather. The girls didn't really like the snow. They got a little more comfortable with it each time we went out. Alyssa eventually even threw a couple snowballs and Abby learned to eat it.

Mark and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went horseback riding. The highlight of the ride was corralling some ponies back to the barn. They had somehow slipped outside the fence and when we brought them around we got to ride with them for a bit. We felt like cowboys. It was gorgeous riding with the horses.

We met up with the Rothey's again on our way out of town. The picnic at the park was just the thing to break up a full day of travel. We all enjoyed getting out and running around in the leaves. The flight still seemed pretty long on the way home. If you want to hear more about our adventures in the air - you will have to convince Mark to write about it.

Overall it was a great trip, even with Alyssa getting sick.